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additional service. we all have this at abc7news.com. >> dan: a local school could have lost a teacher to budget cuts. >> carolyn: michael finney is here to telling you about pro-active parents. >> parents at sunny side elementary were not about to take it lying down so they turned to the internet. up next, she helped save a teachers job and you can too at your school. >> dan: facebook employees deny why dozens of instant millionaires will have to wait >> carolyn: on this age of budget cuts, school education is ongoing challenge in the community. >> now a new tool and it is catching on. >> carolyn: michael finney explains how it works. >> here is the word, crowd cloud funding. social media and communities to get attached. in san francisco a local elementary school is using the technique to raise money after an unexpected financial shortfall. >> this is sunny side elementary in san francisco. like many public schools, there are lessons to be learned here about money. >> dollar, ten dollars. >> navigating the world of money is being learned in this classroom and also in the principal's o
the coastline, and then locally inland during the overnight hours. looking at the current temperature readings -- oh, well, we can't do that yet. right now we have temperature readings -- there they are. temperatures in the low to mid-60s in some inland areas so you can see the mild weather is holding on. slow to cool down, and i'll give you a look at warm to hot weather coming your way by the middle of next week. >> sounds like good baseball weather. the giants take on the st. louis cardinals tomorrow night, game win of the national championship series, and fans of the oorange and black ready for the matchup. here's a preview. >> it's show me the money time here in san francisco. the giants are in town to fight for the national league pennant, and the city's businesses are getting ready to reap in the cash that tens of thousands of fans are expected to spend in the city in the next couple of days. insure. >> the san francisco giants are warming up for sunday's game against st. louse here at at&t park. they're happy for the home field advantage and the boost the giants fans are sure to provide
. here locally, live doppler 7hd showing you career sky -- clear sky across the bay area, and mild temperature. antioch, 67. 60 in san francisco. 60 in san jose. san rafael, mild, 64 degrees. here's a look at the forecast. clear sky tonight. a little patchy valley fog in the north bay. sunny and mile day sunday, and then clouds thicken up on tuesday, leading to chance of rain as we head into halloween on wednesday. you can see the storm track well to the north of us as high pressure has built in and that's exactly where it will stay for at least one more day. so, expect plenty of sunshine for your sunday. plenty of mild temperatures, and that will last until tuesday when that ridge of high pressure starts to break down a bit and the storm front will move in here's a look at the lows tonight. in the north bay, clear sky. mid-to-upper 40s. 50s elsewhere. the highs for your sunday, very nice and mild with 82 for santa rosa, interior east bay, mid-to-low 80s tomorrow. 80 for concord. 73 expected tomorrow for san francisco. may see a little cloudiness develop near the coast late in the
. locally triple a praises are up again since friday from 4.64 in santa rosa to 4.73 in san francisco. winter blend gasoline will be sold early to increase supply. expected to bring down prices. although it could have an impact on pollution. >>> now if you are lacking to find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood, we have some tips for you. sgrous to our web site. you will find the best deals in your neighborhood. find the link at the top of our home page. >> number of people in calistoga forced from their homes tomorrow. bomb squad plans to destroy a supply of medical eevter. highly explosive substance found at the calistoga fairground today. now it's too dangerous to transport. bomb squad will december detroit on the spot blow it up. that means 75 or 100 people medley south of the fairgrounds will be evacuated for their safety. should take about 2 hours. no major closures are expected. >>> well san jose fire department mean time is looking for arsonist tonight there have been at least 6 incidents in the area of downing avenue off south baskin avenue in the past 8 days. fire
federal severeship this is enormous event if it happens. >> local teen done everything he can to become an eagle scou scout. but troop leaders denying him the dhoons achieve his dreams. >> i can't believe he's in my arms right now. >> a little girl and her dog with an emotional reunion. days after it was stolen from her. >> and 6-year-old cancer patient who is trying to bring halloween to his friends in the hospital. >> all that coming up. stay with us. later on "nightline". >> coming up next on "nightline". is there easy money sitting right in your garage? the simple tips that could add thousands of dollars to the selling price of your used car l. the new memoir about going 7 news reporter lillian explains why this scouts say no and why so many are now fighting on his behalf. >> 17-year-old ryan did everything he was supposed to do to become an eagle scout. he earned the required number of badges and completed the daunting final project just a couple weeks ago. he calls it a tolerance wall which now hangs prom fently at this school. composed of 2 88 tiles each with an anti-bully
into it by the local crime labs like the one in santa clara county. a new audit shows in gnaw sent people had their dna information entered into the system and meant for criminal suspects. this is where santa clara crime analysts work on dna evidence with hopes of serving crimes. once they created a dna profile they loaded it into a system. >> the purpose is to try to identify the perpetrators of crime. >> but not all profiles are supposed to be up loaded. >> it has to be relevant to the crime, or at least you have to feel it is relevant to the crime and also that it is from the perpetrator. >> here is the problem. a u.s. department of justice audit found the crime lab has shared dna profiles it should not have shared. they looked at 100dna profiles the lab up loaded, and as a result of the audit, 44 profiles had to be removed from the national database. what the final report calls a large number of inappropriate profiles, and we believe the laboratory may have additional ineligible profiles. >> before 2006 we concede that we entered a lot of profiles that we should not. >> the crime lab director told
:30 in the morning local time. from st. louis, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> and here is a look at the schedule for the giants. game 6 will be played at at&t park on sunday at 4:37. if there is a game 7, there will be a game 7, it will take place here on monday at 5:07. >> we are counting on it. >>> as baseball season nears an end, it looks like hockey will never begin. all games canceled through november 1st, and the likelihood of any season is shrinking fast. nick smith is live in san jose. no fun for the fans, obviously, and no business for merchants who depend on those hockey games. >> absolutely, dan. we are here on busy san pedro street, and it is always popular, but on game day, the bars and the restaurants are packed and over flowing with people who fill seats to watch the sharks play. if they don't play, then they don't have the business. business owners said they won't have the staff. there is a trickle down affect that will be felt by everyone. >> the shark tank is a great place to go. it is one of the best venues. >> but so far this season it has remained sharkless. the nhl has offi
brother and me would play baseball. since it is our local team we have become a fan. >> clarissa with her great work and her back dwrownd in softball and -- background in softball and in sports she would be a perfect person to enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity. >> her favorite player is buster posey. she is hoping she gets to meet him and score some autographs. she also gets to see the game. >> once i get up there i will probably feel the pressure of everyone watching me. it will be nerve-wracking. i will still go out there. >> clarissa hopes to become a computer engineer for google and a giants ticket holder. leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> what an experience. >> good for her. it will be fun to ouch what. >>> from baseball to skiing, you could be on the slopes this weekend. >> the mountain resorts have enough to open on friday. it will be the first to open this season. >> they got 30 inches this week and another 6 inches this morning. >> here is sandhya patel with the forecast. >> n early taste of winter there in the sierra nevada. let's look at live doppler hd. a lot of cloud cov
:00 or 6:30, at least get up around 6:00, 6:30. >> many people here walk to court or have to take local transportation, public transportation, which is relatively easy in the general area, but to go to martinez, it is a fundamentally imfor for many. >> even police are worried about the court closure and whether the longer trip martinez will affect cases involving troubled teens. >> might be more missed court dates, where if the court was here they would be more inclined to go to their court dates. >> the court closures go into effect at the end of the year. except for the family courtroom in purse burg which will close its doors at the end of the month. court fires in martinez never responded to our request for an interview. >> ama: a heart-warming story out of new york that proves a dog is man's best friend. this seven years huskie missed his owner who was hospitalized so slipped out the back door of his home and ran more than two miles to the hospital. a place he had never been before. animal experts say it's a moist -- mystery. >> this dog can get out of the yard, and start wandering
will be considered local. >> the 49ers are making an impact on and off the field. here's a report on he 49ers academy and how it's making a difference for bay area kids. >> this is the news, 49ers stale, put on by sixth gray graders, paid for by jerry rice and steve young. this is the 49ers academy, public middle school supported by a nonprofit partnership with the 49ers football team. the used to its make sure students in low income east palo alto get the same opportunities as kids in wealthy areas. >> most of the students fall below the poverty level. sometimes we serve homeless, foster care. >> the 49ers academy fills in the gaps with an extended school day, extracurricular activities, counseling, free afterschool programs programs and caring adults that don't give up. >> student after student told us the academy is like a family. >> it has a lot of people that are here to help you. >> i get to mentor little kids. >> i love my school. >> all these extra services cost a million dollars a year, generated through the partnership with the 49ers. john york is co-owner of the team. >> we're a mall organ
. police scoured local parks and shot public service announcement reenacting what happened using older brother as stand in. kevin left cy o basketball practice in the haight and waited for a bus at oak. last place ever seen. >> take each day at a time. some days are a little easier than others. some days are real hard. >>reporter: the days turn into week and month but kevin family continued to push. man ago 24 hour hotline out of their home. and pleading with the kidnapper directly on abc 7. >> kevin loves his family. we love him. please let him come home. >>reporter: when newsweek magazine put kevin on the cover the tips poured in. they all led nowhere. but san francisco police either missed or chose to ignore one significant lead. possible connection to serial killer john dougal. >> john was an evil evil man. >>reporter: district attorney steve gave the i team access to the case file. i spent a week combing 12 boxes of evidence police reports court transcripts audio and videotapes. in the town of belmont the disappearance of 15-year-old john davis and stabbing death of 1
a weekend closure. localed called it the carmadegon2. it was closed through the sepulveda pass so they could demolish a bridge and add another traffic lane. >>> a fundraiser for the family of fallen chp officer kenyon young strong. he was killed in alamo earlier this month. a restaurant in alamo is donating 20% of the proceeds 20* younstrom's family. the support has been tremendous. >> the community out reach because i have done this has just been unbelievable. i have had people pledge cash and we have a website with the fallen organization. we have worked closely for a longtime here in alamo. >> the restaurant owner is urging people who want to support youngstrom's widow to drop off their donations to the restaurant. uc berkeley is one of just nine universities worldwide hosting financially disadvantaged students. primarily from sub saharan africa. the program is meant to empower these young students and bring change to their countries. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez has their story. >> she arrived at uc berkeley from her native kenya more than a month ago. >> it is not a golden opportu
vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant our local 9's. the giants hosting the reds game two and the g-men have never looked so anemic on offense. even the rally towels won't help out. madison baumgardne. 1 and 16 with his career second hit. 1-0 cincy. arroyo shutdown the giants. no runs and four strikeouts. cinncinati tacks on three more in the fourth. he brings in two with this single. four innings and four runs and four strikeouts and tim lincecum getting ready in the bull pen after an out. there was some confusion as to whether he was supposed to get in the game. but he struck out hannigan in the 6th. two innings of work for timmy. that was the only thing the giants fans could cheer. five runs and two on the double by jay bruce. reds take a commanding 2-0 series lead with a 9-0 victory. they can close out the giants on tuesday in cinncinati. >> you are not comfortable at all until it is over. we have been there before. it is hard to take the last breath out of anything. >> we talked about before the post season started that we wou
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